About Us


PROPS TOOLS AND COSMETICS was borne out of a sheer love for makeup and all things beautiful.

Established in December 2010 as an online shop, PROPS Tools and Cosmetics debuted its wide selection of imported makeup products and palettes—from concealer palettes, lip palettes to eyeshadow palettes, as well as a range of professional quality tools such as make up brush sets, all made from quality tested ingredients and materials at affordable prices.


Named PROPS, it was the meaning and the essence of this word that brought forth the beauty ethos of the brand, which is to help enhance your natural beauty. The brand doesn’t encourage you to hide what natural assets you already have; instead it gives you the proper tools to help you stand out in the crowd.


Since its launch, PROPS has been able to partner with a number of online and offline affiliates including bloggers, professional makeup artists, YouTube makeup gurus, and makeup afficionados who have willingly shared their beauty know-how and experiences with the brand through online fodder and even through makeup workshops.


Slowly establishing itself as one of the leading suppliers and make up providers in the Philippines, PROPS Tools and Cosmetics has definitely gone a long way since its inception. What avid fans and loyal customers love about props is the variety of make up products and cosmetics offered to fit every individual’s taste.


In less than a year, the brand has been able to expand outside of the World Wide Web and managed to set up a number of strategic consignments and have partnered with various resellers nationwide. Numerous make up artists have indulged in our charming make up products and make up kits which reaffirms the brand’s credibility and overall standing as a Philippine make up provider.