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A Peek Into Pros For Props | Philippines Make Up Workshop

A sneak peek into our Pros for Props Makeup Workshop


Since 2011 Pros for Props has successfully been hosting numerous Philippine Make Up workshops and providing aspiring artists and make up enthusiasts the knowledge, tools and trainings to help them give them that starting boost for their exciting make up profession or passion.

We’ve met and taught a lot of wonderful women, we’ve laughed and shared fun and exciting learning moments with different girls and we’ve spent hours sharing our knowledge, tips and trade secrets to our amazing participants in the hopes of paving the way for an exhilarating career.

We really really are thankful to those who have joined our make up workshops in the Philippines and we’d like to give those we have yet to meet, the chance to get a glimpse of the wonders that happen during our Pros for props sessions and why our participants can’t help but rave about their experience in our make up seminars and trainings


“I learned a lot from the class – Pros for Props. Clarence was not only informative but also fun and entertaining. Thank you Props and hope you host advanced classes next.” – Joana


“I learned a lot from the workshop today. It was really fun! Hopefully you’ll have a full day course next time.  ”

Our Quirky Batch 6

Here’s how we bring out your natural glow and your inner beauty!  Register now for our next session and bring out the make up artist in you.


 Introduce yourself time at the Pros for Props makeup workshop

At the pros for props makeup session

The batch 6 members at the make up studio

Were you part of our quirky batch 6? Let us know your reactions and your experiences! We’d love to hear from you.


Props Tools and Cosmetics Customer Lovin’

At our Pros for Props workshops, participants also get to enjoy using different Props make up palettes and cosmetics to play around and experiment with. With over 50 plus make up palettes, eye shadow palettes and lip palettes, customers are free to try out different colors and shades to match their desired looks.

Customers have expressed their glee and others can’t help but gush over our vibrant palettes and high grade make up tools. The best part about joining Pros for props? You get additional discounts on Props Tools and Cosmetics!


“Props is not only affordable. I love love love their 10 pc blush set. Highly Pigmented, you only need so little to go a long way.    -Hannah-


“I love the eyeliner gel! It’s really long lasting, pigmented and very easy to apply.Thanks for the last transaction”-Chinkee-

Pros for Props New Branch Opening

Excited about our latest beauty products and cosmetics? Eager to join our fun and informative make up workshops in the Philippines? Visit us at our newly opened branch in Tiendesitas, Pasig and get loads of new make up palettes at our fabulous new beauty hub.
We’re bringing Philippine make up and cosmetics into a whole new level.

Make Up Tips | Putting Together Your Make Up Kit

Make Up Tips | Putting Together Your Make Up Kit

Being a girl means having A LOT of “wants” and “needs” but one thing every girl MUST have in her bag is her make up kit or her “kikay kit”.  Having a make up kit is now essential, not just because of emergencies such as running into your major crush, or being invited to an impromptu night out, but also because of practical reasons such as attending formal events or going to interviews.

Here are some of the basic suggestions and make up tips on  putting together your make up kit.

Choosing The Best Make Up Products

Don’t be afraid to invest in make up, especially if you are a make up artist, because this will greatly affect your career as a make up professional. At the same, first timers or those who aren’t familiar with the make up market might be overspending or investing too much on products that won’t exactly fit their needs.

The challenge is to put together the right products without compensating value for money, or the make up quality.


  • Concealer – A concealer is essential for hiding blemishes, sores, pimples, eyebags or other unwanted marks.
    Be careful to choose a shade that matches your foundation or your powder and pick a concealer and a shade that blends easily with your skin tone.

  •  Foundation- Having the right foundation is very important as it is the baseline for application. It helps even out  and smoothen the skin tone to help you achieve a more polished look and to make it easier for you to apply your make up.

    Props Individual concealers are cream based that also give a full coverage. Try this out for your foundation as well to add a bit of moisturizer to your concealer shade to achieve a more natural and dewy look for your foundation.

    Props Correct and Conceal Palette

    Props 15 and 20 pc concealer palette is perfect for makeup artists and the everyday woman

  •  Powder – Having a face powder handy is important as this helps setting your make up, helps you  counteract shining and it aids in keeping your make up on longer.

  •  Brow Pencil/Powder- Brow products allow you to define and shape your brows and they have become essential esepcially since defined brows are becoming part of the hottest look of the season.                                                                                                                            

    The Props Brow Kit contains 4 shades of brow powder perfect for shaping and filling in your brows. It can also be used to contour your eyes and nose bridge.   

  • BlushOns/Bronzers – Blush ons or bronzers allow you to add dimensions to your face, and define your cheekbones.

    Blust Set Props Philippines

    Props carries 10 and 28 blushers as well as highlight and contour combinations. Choose one that would best fit your needs and/or level of skill.


  • Eyeliners – Eyeliners, by its very name, lines the eyes. It adds definition to a plain Jane look, or even spice up a strong full makeup.  Props Eyeliner gels are easy to apply and long lasting. Try out our basic blue, black or brown shades.

  • Eyeshadows are the most flexible makeup. One can carry as little as one to two colors, or as much as the variations of the color wheel.

     Props carries a wide array of eye shadows from 4 to 180 colors! Single eye shadows are something to look forward too as well!


  • Lipstick - Finish your look with a suitable lip color. Props carries 15 and 32 color lip palette that you can mix and match to recreate new and unique shades. Make Up Lips Philippines


How your make up will look and how carefully it can be maintained also depends on what tools you use for application. Low grade brushes can greatly affect the amount, the size and the formation of the make up that is applied on your face.  According to 2 things that make or break your look your primers and your brushes.

  • Brushes – Props believes in the power of high quality brushes made of mixed hair – natural and synthetic. Stay connected for updates regarding the new 20 pc pro set and 7 personal travel set.
  • Make Up Removers – Makeup can make you pretty, but can also damage your skin when not worn for long. Luckily, Props is a registered retailer of Nippon Products – manufacturer of the best Parian Spirit brush cleaners and Makeup removers.

Check out Rhian Ramos’ Props Tools.

Props Make Up Brushes and Make Up Removers

                Rhian Ramos Props Make Up

Make Up Workshops – Get Started

Now that you’ve put together your make up kit, why stop there? Enhance your make up application skills by attending make up workshops.

Pros for Props offers monthly make up workshops headed by make up professionals  in the Philippines. Learn more about the basics of make up application, and even greater tips for selecting and putting together your make up kit only from Props Tools and Cosmetics. Get started now!


Philippine Make Up Seminar

 Props Workshop “Introduce yourself” time.

The Buzz In Being A Make Up Artist | Philippines

Becoming a Make Up Artist in the Philippines Props Philippines Make Up Workshop

The idea of becoming a make up artist may appeal to many, after all, we live in a world where beauty, aesthetics, representation and expression play a significant role in our day to day lives. This does not necessarily mean that we all follow the same concept of beauty, but in fact affirms the need for diversity and variety which is why make up artists have their own creative flair, their own style and their own ways of transforming simple facial features into expressive and enhanced works of art.

That is what every make up artist has – the power to transform.

Things to Consider 

Though becoming a make up artist, especially a professional make up artist in the Philippines, can be very exciting and enticing, it is something that also needs careful consideration. Just like any other profession, careful planning and decision making are involved in the process. Don’t be daunted by these – the idea is to have fun and figure out how you want to go about your profession.

1.Having the right skills and passion

 Though formal training is very important, having the right mindset, skills and passion for make up artistry also contribute greatly to ones success as a make up artist. For example,  mentions that an important skill to possess is the ability to “observe”. Through careful observation, you get to learn a lot simply be looking. This is also the cheapest way to gain familiarity and knowledge about looks and styles and will also allow you to find your own signature style – a must have for every artist.

2.Finding your Niche

As a make up artist you need to find your niche or your focus. So the question you need to ask yourself is “What kind of make up artist do I want to be?”. Think about what specific groups or categories you’d want to focus on because each group entails different training, tools and experience. For example, think about whether you’d want to focus on weddings, movie, TV and theater  if you’d want to work in beauty counters or if you want to dive into fashion and editorial make up artistry. Make sure you do some research on which niche you want to focus on to gain more insight into the requirements, responsibilities and other important details that you need to know to help you decide on which would be the right niche for you.

3. Getting the Right Tools Philippines Make Up Brushes

Like any other artist, you can never get by without the right make up tools and the goal is to build the perfect make up kit to aid you in your profession. You’ll find this easier once you’ve had formal training so don’t worry about not knowing which tools to select. One thing you should also remember is that you should never be afraid to invest or spend on your tools. Your tools are crucial in performing the right services and high quality tools are necessary for you to be able to perform better.

4.Training, Training and Training

Some make up artists may feel that formal training is no longer necessary if you’ve got the eye and the flair for make up artistry. They fail to realize that make up artistry is a craft that should also be learned even if it’s just the basics of make up application. Taking formal training such as short courses and make up workshops in the Philippines can help you discover and learn more about make up artistry than there is to the eye. Certain skills, make up techniques and aspects in make up application can only be learned through training and continuous enhancement of your skills can greatly

Do not be afraid to invest in formal training because this, first and foremost, can be crucial in helping you make decisions regarding your career.

5. Building Your Portfolio

Every make up artist has a portfolio and this is very important especially when it comes to networking and showcasing your projects to gain more clients. Nowadays, online portfolio’s are preferred by both artists and clients as this makes it easier for both parties to display, share and view projects. When building your portfolio make sure you have a wide of range of looks, age and skin types, as suggested in, and make sure you have high quality photographs to ensure the clarity of these photos. Once you’ve built your portfolio you will find it easier to engage in self promotion, branding and networking.

Pros for Props

To make it easier for aspiring make up artists in the Philippines to fulfill their dreams, Pros for Props offers monthly make up workshops for professionals and for individuals who wish to hone their make up application skills. Pros for Props workshops are headed and carefully selected professional Filipino make up artists with years of experience in the industry.

Pros for Props is perfect for those interested in jumping into the make up industry especially with the following offers that can help you start your profession as a make up artist:

  • Make Up Application Training
  • Inclusions: 20% off discount on any Props product, photo shoot featuring your different looks,
  • Hand outs, certificate of participation, snacks and freebies from sponsors
  • and more.

Learn more about Pros for Props by visiting the Pros for Props page.


Make Up Workshop in the Philippines




Props Glorietta 3 Grand Opening!

Props is once again bringing the Philippine make up scene to the next level!

Last February 4, Props Tools and Cosmetics opened its doors to the public at the Glorietta 3 Cinderella Branch in Makati.


Due to the increasing and popular demand for Props Tools and Cosmetics and our captivating make up palettes, we’ve decided to open up a branch in Glorietta to make it easier for our Props fans and non Props fans to try out and purchase our beauty products and cosmetics.


The opening was flanked with numerous bloggers and media personalities, all of whom were Props fans and supporters. Customers and avid fans lined up to test and buy our best selling make up palettes including the Props Brow palette, Flair Palette and Parian Spirit Brush Cleaners and other Nippon products.


Check out our Props booth at Cinderalla, G3. as featured by SayTiocoArtillero on her Vlog.


Now you can enjoy our make up products, cosmetics and eye palettes simply by visiting our online store at or by visiting our store in Cinderella Glorietta 3.


Want to boost and spice up your Props make up experience? Join our Pros for Props workshops where you can learn various make up application techniques from  professional make up artists and get the chance to pump up your make up application skills.


Our next Pros for Props workshop this coming April 13 and get certified, along with other discounts and freebies!

Riding the Beauty Wave: 2013 Summer Make Up Trends

Blaze up your summer with the seasons hottest and latest make-up trends. With summer fast approaching, your days are sure to be filled with sizzling excitement and adventure. Get ready to bask in this scorching season with the latest beauty and make up buzz.

Face: Go Nude, Go Natural. Get Glowing

This season, it’s all about the natural look. MAC Cosmetics makes it all about the face and the skin. The key is to achieve that naturally dolled up look which emphasizes on your facial features.  MAC’s Puri-Tan look is defined as “sophisticated and monochromatic, bedouin bronze and blurred on the eyes and bone structure. The MAC Nu-ance look on the other hand adds a little more blending of highly pigmented pastel colors from lemon to dark metallics.




                          Mac Puri-Tan                                              Mac Nu-ance


To achieve the same look, try the Sunkissed highlight and contour palette with a selection of peachy to sheertone pink blushes.

Perfecting the Natural Glow

As per’s recount of the 2013 Spring Fasion show, the “skin all aglow” look dominated the 2013 Spring Fashion show where the “fresh natural look” was evidently paraded. With summer coming up, and with the start of a new year – it’s all about being looking fresh and refreshed.




With Props Minerals pallette,  you’ve got all you need to whip out a natural skin glow to bring out your inner and outer beauty.

Bold and Beautiful Brows 

Boost those brows because they’ve proven to be a big hit this summer. The 2013 Spring Fashion show gave emphasis on brows that look “fresh, and clean”, a feat not easily achieved without the right tools and knowledge. Yes, we heard your demand for it – you can now achieve the same look with Props Brow Powder.



Get fabulous brows with Props Brow Powder.


Learn the art of contouring, brow shaping, filling and reconstructing at our Pros for Props workshop and master that natural look effortlessly.


Eyes: Bright Lights


For,  Bright Shadows are definitely in if you can blend garish colors and turn it into something subtle. The smoky eye will always be in style, but instead of the usual black metallic tint, try colours like purple, or gold to go with your nude look.


Don’t be afraid to experiment and make a statement with those “Look at me eyes” by blending bright colors carefully but keep in mind that you keep brights to a bare minimum. Keep it to your lips OR your eyes.


You can also give your usual cat eye a spin by wearing a Soft Cat Eye – a modern twist of your cat the winged liner with blended
Feel free to experiment and get to try out fun and funky colors with our 50’s Palette with over 50 different colors in a single palette. You can’t go wrong with Props eye palletes.outwardly.



Lips: Pretty in Pink. 


The picked Amanda Seyfried’s look as the look of the season, which indeed brings out that the fun and spunk of the season. It’s no doubt Pink is the lip color of the season and the key to sporting the right pink lip look is to wearing it with skin that looks polished but not too caked or polished.


Neon Neon!


Again, bright colors for both eyes and lips are in, and Glamour magazine is crazy about the Neon look. Now you can feel free to wear bright pink without feeling like a crazy standout. Get that pink lip perfection with our Props luxe palettes with over 10 shades of pink, all in one pallette. Get ready to feel pretty in pink with Props.


Get ready for a sizzling summer with these beauty tips and bring out the daring darling in you. Ride the beauty wave and stand out like never before with our Props palettes and cosmetics.


Get it all at Props, Your One Stop Online Makeup Shop.
Contact us at or call and text, 0915 708 7160

Glamming up 2013 with a fresh and new YOU.

With 2012 come and gone, we welcome 2013 with excitement and eager arms. It’s not everyday you get to put the past behind and start anew, so this January, celebrate a new year with a new do, and a new you.


Confidence comes from feeling and looking great so kick off the year with a bang by getting that perfect look, with simple touches and dashes that will leave you looking like a knockout. So pick the perfect weapon (our make up palettes and make up products of course)  and WOW your friends into submission.


Start Fresh

Props For Me Make Up Palettes


Props for Me offers you all the basic make up necessities and the every day must haves for every girl. We all know that continuously going through your daily routine can sometimes be boring and monotonous, so why keep it that way? Start the morning feeling and looking good. Invigorate and bring to life your outer look by looking natural and fresh. Enliven your naturally dull or pale face and start of the day looking cool and energized with our Everyday Palette complete with 26 colors of wearable eye shadow and blush shades .


We’ve also got all your “on the go” needs to help you keep that fresh and clean look wherever you go. Our make up sets and make up kits are perfect for those who wish to retain their new do. Whether its for school, for work, for a date or for partying, get that long lasting subtle freshness for your every day wear. Start the morning looking lively and fresh, and end the day with that same radiating glow.


Start Strong

  Props Luxe Make Up Palettes

Turn heads with our Props Luxe make up palettes and by starting the year strong, you definitely can’t go wrong. Spruce up your old do, with new tips, new tricks and more vivid colors that will leave you begging for more. Look smashing in your everyday wear with our  120 to 180 eye make up, eyshadow  palettes, and other beauty products and bring out the inner artist in you.

Bored with your old look? Now’s the time to Experiment, Exaggerate  and Enhance!


  • Experiment: Try out different looks to see which one captures the inner you.
  • Exaggerate: Get on the wild side and try out different colors or styles! If you’re trying for the perfect new look then let go and let loose! You know what they say, you’ll never know what works until you try it so unleash the artist in you. So learn to dare, and dare to try.
  • Enhance: Once you’ve nailed that perfect look, enhance your beauty like never before.

Look smashing, look dazzling, start strong.


Pros for Props Makeup Workshop


Wondering which look would be perfect for you? Get to learn the basics of makeup application from beauty experts! Join the Pros for Props “Personal Basics Makeup Workshop” this January and get more beauty and make up tips to help you spruce up and master a new look for this new year.  Learn more by checking out our Pros for Props page.

So this year, kick it off with a bang! Cheers to a new year, to a new do, and to a new you!


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Beauty Bonanza | Our Top Props Cosmetics

Props CosmeticsThe concept of beauty, aesthetics and skin care vary greatly especially when it concerns individuals with different skin types, preferences and styles. Despite this, few understand the different needs and interests of every woman, an idea which PROPS is slowly breaking free from.


Props Tools and Cosmetics 


With PROPS Tools and Cosmetics’ varying product lines, Props for Me, Props Luxe and Props Minerals, women get to enjoy a wide array of make up products which cater to specific needs and tastes.  PROPS takes into consideration every woman’s fancy, slowly establishing itself as a one stop shop for ALL beauty and make up needs. Thanks to this women go beyond simply purchasing make up, they gain an experience.

Since we’re feeling giddy about this new year, we’ve decided to share our beauty secrets with you!  We’ve highlighted our recommended products  for each specific product line to help women with various needs and interests figure out what they need. These are among our customer favorites, and of course, our personal favorites as well.


Props For Me

It’s all about the everyday woman. Girls on the go who have developed the amazing skill of applying make up in a moving vehicle needs more than just skill and good lighting. Browse through our product line and see how our combo palettes can complement your “on-the-go” lifestyle.

1. Carry All Palette -combination palette with complementing eye shadow, blush and lip color with a SNAP and SLIP into your purse travel function
2. Correct and conceal on the go – concealer and corrector wheels of complementing shades
3. 15 color lip palette – 15 shades of wearable , pigmented and long lasting lip color

Props Carry All PaletteProps Correct and ConcealProps 15 clips


Props Luxe

For those who are aspiring to be, or are already in the industry of beauty as a pro, Props Luxe is your make up heaven. Feast on function specific palettes with  hundreds of  colors in different variations and combinations that can definitely match up your peg from season to season.

1. Bohemian Glam – 180 colors of highly pigmented  eye shadow  with shades from colorful to warm and neutral
2.  Flushed – a 6 pan palette with 3 shades of blush in pink hues, contour, and highlight in one
3. 20 pc concealer palette – holds 12  shades of cream concealer and 8 corrector shades


Props Bohemian GlamProps FlushedProps Correct and Conceal Palette


Props Minerals

Looking for alternative makeup? Props Minerals is a developing product line suited for the organic junkies. From base, face, eyes, lips and setting makeup – Props Minerals is the one for you!

1. Baked Minerals – 24 colors of pressed mineral powder good for eye and face makeup

 That’s it for our list of faves but why stop there? We’ve got a HUGE collection of make up products and palettes which may be exactly what you need!  View all our products and sweeten the deal by finding out more about our special offers and workshops.


Get it all at Props, Your One Stop Online Makeup Shop.
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